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KC Printing Machine (Group) Limited

KC Printing Machine (Group) Limited



KC Printing Machine (Group) Limited
KC Printing Machine (Group) Limited
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मॉडल नं.KC

The wide adaptability of silk screen printing ink has made the silk screen printing machine's reputation. Now it's time for the hot stamping machine to show its ability to do everything. Hot foil stamping machines are also constantly expanding in the types of hot stamping papers and the continuous expansion of performance.

Foil 01

1. Gold foil paper on plastic

Plastic itself is a huge family, and gold-plated paper on plastic surfaces realizes the bronzing of different types of plastics by improving the properties of adhesives. The chemical nature of the gum is quite similar to that of the plastic itself. In the cosmetics packaging industry, in the traditional plastics industry such as the toy industry and household appliances, the gold foil on the plastic is becoming popular.


2) Gold foil paper on plastic film

With drawing, the film-like plastic products made by blown film retain the flexibility of the plastic itself, requiring that the gold-plated paper have tensile properties and very good bending properties. Some food packaging bags and soft plastic packaging are often used for such gold foil paper.

3) Gold foil paper on the fabric

   Fabrics with plastic properties can be used for direct bronzing, and some muslins may need to be coated with a layer of hot stamping glue before bronzing. The bronzing paper on the fabric also requires good flexibility, and it is also important to have a certain degree of washability.

4) Gold foil paper on the fabric

   Fabrics should be considered as relatively dense fabrics, and fabrics can be considered as relatively sparse fabrics. The gold foil on the fabric usually requires a thicker layer of glue to fill the voids in the fabric.

Foil 02

5) Gold foil paper above the candle

    The candle is a dense solid fuel, and bronzing on it requires the foil to have excellent oil resistance. Not all candles can be gilded. They must be those that are hard, can withstand temperature and are not easily deformed to complete bronzing.

6) Printable foil stamping paper

   Gold foil paper can be regarded as paper with a metal surface. The surface characteristics are very stable and it is not easy to have affinity with the ink. However, the surface of the foil can also be printed by the proper treatment and activation of the surface layer. This provides a very good process for some special types of paper packaging.


7) Gold foil paper on glass ceramic

Glass and ceramic surfaces are dense crystalline structures that cannot be directly stamped. Gold foil must now be coated with a glass or ceramic varnish, and then hot stamped.

8) Gold foil paper on the back of the book

  In order to achieve the decorative effect, the inside pages of albums or books may also be gilded. Although such gold foil papers can be replaced with paper-based bronzing papers, there is a high demand for their meat stars.

Foil 03

9) Laser Bronzing Paper

   This is a kind of gold foil paper that realizes the effect of glare on the surface of gold foil paper. It can realize the effect of anti-counterfeiting, and thus it is widely used in the packaging of high-end cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and gift boxes.

10) Hose paper gold foil

    Hose-type hot stamping paper requires very good flexibility, and has special requirements for its adhesion. Because it is a high-grade cosmetic packaging, it has very strict requirements on its chemical resistance.

11) Leather gold foil paper

    Leather bronzing paper is widely used in shoes, furniture and decorative materials industries. The matching of the softness of the gold foil paper itself and the softness of the leather itself is the key to guarantee the performance of such gold foil paper.

12) Paper Stamping Paper

    This is the most common foil stamping paper, with a market share of 90%. Because of the large amount, the price is relatively cheap, but there are still various grades.

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