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KC Printing Machine (Group) Limited

KC Printing Machine (Group) Limited



KC Printing Machine (Group) Limited
KC Printing Machine (Group) Limited
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Product Attributes

मॉडल नं.H-TC200MC


Supply Ability & Additional Informations

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उत्पादकता100 Sets/month



आपूर्ति की क्षमता100 Sets/month

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भुगतान प्रकारL/C,T/T,Western Union


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लकड़ी का बक्सा

H-TC200MC heat transfer machine  with transmission belt//Usage and characters

  • H-TC200MC  is developed specifically for thin sheets such as shoe pads, cloth lable, Film, paper.
  • Everyday household items, household appliances, toys, plastic gifts, etc. essential thermal transfer machines.
  • Pneumatic  structure design, the transfer process more stable, the pressure more evenly;
  • Heat transfer machine can be used thermal transfer film, hot stamping foil can also be used by the necessary transformation.
  • Roller width 200mm.

Application fields

  • Shoes materials , shoes pads, PVC pads,Caps
  • Woodware thermal transfer machine;
  • Plastics Bronzing ,Glass and metal Heat transfer.

H-TC200MC heat transfer Machine with transmission belt //Parameter

  • Length of Rubber Roller: 200 mm;
  • Max pressure:2000 Kg;
  • Up-and down distance: 30 mm;
  • Heat wattage: 2000 W;
  • Temperature range: 0 - 300oC;
  • Max stamping width : 180mm.
  • Transmission belt speed: 1200mm/M
  • Works supply : 3 Phase 380 V Power supply.
  • Package dimension:2.17×0.85×1.61m
  • Gross weight: 418 KG;
  • CBM : 2.327255
  • H.S.Code : 8443198000
  • Certificate : CE

H-TC200MC heat transfer machine  with transmission belt //Advantage

  • The program controller, easy to operate;
  • Uniform heat transfer, Silicon roller rotation, suitable for shoes pad cloth label heat transfer, High speed.
  • The transfer pressure, temperature, speed can be based on different material for the flexible adjustment;
  • The height adjustable stamping head movements can fine-tune, easy to adjust the height of the different products;
  • Precise temperature control system, temperature error control in less than 3 degrees; silicone roll radiant heating, thermal efficiency of the utilization factor;
  • Rubber roller pressure control system, constant pressure of the transfer process, the transfer effect is more perfect

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