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KC Printing Machine (Group) Limited



KC Printing Machine (Group) Limited
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1 Set/Sets
Delivery Time:
15 Days
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Product Attributes

मॉडल नं.SA1-2030MUVR


Supply Ability & Additional Informations

पैकेजिंगलकड़ी का बक्सा

उत्पादकता10 Sets/month


उद्गम-स्थानDongguan, चीन

आपूर्ति की क्षमता10sets/month

प्रमाण पत्रCE Certificate


भुगतान प्रकारL/C,T/T


प्रसव के समय15 दिनों

Packaging & Delivery
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लकड़ी का बक्सा

स्वचालित प्रोट्रैक्टर स्क्रीन प्रिंटिंग मशीन


  • Precision rotary screen printing machine, suitable size 200mm * 300mm below the ruler, triangle, protractor, plastic panels, CD boxes and other plane monochromatic UV printing products;
  • Smooth operation, high efficiency, intelligence, suitable for flat screen a variety of plastic products, such as injection molding;
  • High precision indexing disk control, portable and reliable, greatly reducing operator employees work intensity;
  • Suitable UV ink, ink thickness, bright colors;
  • Precision screen printing equipment, high precision screen printing;
  • Brand pneumatic components, ensure that the machine life.
  • Ruler, triangle, protractor , Plastics panel, CD case, Mobile cover


  • Max printing thickness:0-20 MM;
  • Max printing area:200X300mm
  • Size of working table: 450×650mm;
  • Max printing speed:2500cs/H.
  • Printing number: 1;
  • Drying mode: UV;
  • Max height of screen frame: 100mm;
  • Max size of screen frame: 500*700mm;
  • Wattage of UV lamp : 4KW.


  • 3 Phase 380V Power supply;
  • 5-7 Bar compress air
  • Gross weight: 1010kg
  • Wooden case dimension:2430×2430×1850mm;
  • 10.9241CBM


  • Automatic programmed procedures operating techniques;
  • Precision indexing plate to ensure smooth rotation, flexible and comfortable;
  • High strength column to ensure the machine is more stable;
  • Monochrome printing, auto-rotation, high printing efficiency;
  • Screen can be flexibly adjusted according to different printing size;
  • Lift the stencil can be flexible, easy to check the print quality;
  • High stability bench, to ensure that no shaking when printing;
  • UV drying device drying efficiency;
  • PLC control system; easy to operate.

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