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रोलर हीट ट्रांसफर मशीन
रोलर हीट ट्रांसफर मशीन
रोलर हीट ट्रांसफर मशीन
रोलर हीट ट्रांसफर मशीन
रोलर हीट ट्रांसफर मशीन
  • रोलर हीट ट्रांसफर मशीन
  • रोलर हीट ट्रांसफर मशीन
  • रोलर हीट ट्रांसफर मशीन
  • रोलर हीट ट्रांसफर मशीन
  • रोलर हीट ट्रांसफर मशीन

रोलर हीट ट्रांसफर मशीन

    भुगतान प्रकार: L/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal,Western Union
    Min. आदेश: 1 Set/Sets
    प्रसव के समय: 15 दिनों

बुनियादी जानकारी

मॉडल नं.: BA42170

Additional Info

पैकेजिंग: लकड़ी का बक्सा

उत्पादकता: 100 sets / month

ब्रांड: केसी

परिवहन: Ocean

उद्गम-स्थान: Dongguan, चीन

आपूर्ति की क्षमता: 100 sets / month

प्रमाण पत्र: CE Certificate

बंदरगाह: Shenzhen

उत्पाद विवरण

Multi-function roll to roll sublimation heat press machine

Fabric 01

Multi-function roll to roll heat press machine is not only for roll textile, but also could transfer textile in pieces. Speed 120 m/h could meet the requirement of most clients. It suitable for large banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, clothing fabric, towel, bed sheet, mouse pads and other polyester fabric, especially in continuous transfer into the piece of cloth.

तकनीकी पैमाने

Multi-function roll to roll sublimation heat press machine

Roller size
Diameter 420*1860 mm
Diameter 420*2050 mm
Roller surface
coated with Teflon
coated with Teflon
Transfer width
Transfer speed
120 m/h
120 m/h
The main machine dimension
The work table dimension
installed dimension
Blanket separation method Manual
power supply
3-phase 380V
3-phase 380V
Heating temperature
Conveyor belt material

Main Features

1.The most advanced technology and imported units are adopted by machine controlling system with automatic positioning, accuracy together with security, electronic constant temperature controlling with high accuracy, long service life and other features. 

2.Heating wheel is controlled by sealed and heat-oil heating to efficiently ensure the even and stable temperature. 3.Printing speed is equipped with continuous speed adjustment system, feeding equipment is convenient for operation with swiftness and high reliability.

4.Equipped with continuous speed adjustment system, you can adjust printing speed as you need.

5.The roller was heating up with oil and temperature heating system.

6.We can provide total service for heat sublimation print technology, 

7.Get CE certificate,1 year warranty

sublimation heat transfer machine

Detailed Images

double layer

1. Name: Drum

Roller is made by seamless steel pipe, Teflon coating with a certain degree of flexibility, easy to compensate for the pressure roller between the line speed difference, to avoid graphic distortion.Life time is 5-8 years.

2. Name: Integrated Slip Ring

Integrated slip ring, with a safety protection device, can solute all kinds of problem in the course of using carbon brush slip ring.Transmission date mote stable .Maintenance -free.

3. Name: Air Swelling Shaft

Best Printing Machine Co., LTD used air swelling shaft, improve work efficiency.Short inflatable operation time, easy to operation, carrying a large weight. Winding more tightly.Every machine has two air swelling shaft, winding used sublimation paper and protective paper.

4.Name: PVC Conveyor

PVC conveyor belt with flat, smooth, not easy to heat, but easy to maintain the original state of textile after the transfer; Teflon conveyor belt with a network structure, easy to heat, but short life, light textiles easily lead to wrinkles. BEST printing machinery PVC conveyor belt mainly for the user to provide a variety of textile transfer convenience. Users can choose according to their own needs.

sublimation accessories

Heat Sublimation Process

sublimation process

Package And Shipment

Package and shipment

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